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Top Tips on Staying Inspired

It is easy to get inspired, especially given all the stories we hear on a daily basis about people overcoming their limitations or their circumstances through sheer determination and a positive outlook. The problem is – how do we sustain that feeling to achieve something worthwhile in our own lives? It is only too easy to fall back into our comfort zone and make resolutions for the next week, month or year. Take something simple like weight loss. How many times have you taken up exercise with great fervour and determination only to see it slowly peter out? Keeping up the motivation can be hard which is why we’re sharing some of our top tips on staying inspired.

See the Bigger Picture

Without meaning to send you into existential crisis, what we mean here is for you to visualise the end result. See where you want to be, the goal. The key is to visualise what you want to achieve through exercising to the minutest detail. Whether it’s to lose weight, tone your arms, breathe easier in your daily activities or get rid of pain – use that picture to motivate yourself.

Set Concrete Goals

What you need is an action plan to achieve that end result you visualised. So, set yourself short term goals to achieve that are realistic. Start small and reward yourself for every goal that you achieve. Gradually increase the difficulty levels of the goals, creating a path to your end goal. It seems easier said than done but that feeling each time you achieve a goal is incomparable. Try it.

List Why the End Goal is Important

Given how easy it is to fall back into a more comfortable position, attributing life’s other responsibilities for our failure to stay inspired, it is crucial that you write down why your end goal is important for you. In fact, research has proven that when we write things down, we connect more intensely to the words. Put this list up where you can read it each time you feel your motivation is dipping. It might also help to write down the end result you visualised for some extra inspiration.

People will tell you a hundred ways to achieve your goals. What you need to do is keep your focus on what you’ve just determined in terms of short term and long term goals. Monitor your progress and remain flexible to alter the path according to what is helping you achieve better results.

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