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4 Best Pre-Workout Foods

To be able to run any machine, you need fuel. Our body is no different. Without adequate energy, how can we sustain our workout session? This is why it is crucial that we eat the right amount of not only calories but also carbs and proteins, to give ourselves the ability to create and sustain high energy levels. Here’s a look at the foods most recommended before a workout.

1.   Bananas

Not only is this the easiest fruit to eat, even on the go, it is also one of the best foods if you are looking for sustainable energy. Bananas are rich in easy to digest carbs that will give you an instant boost of energy, while the potassium content is great for muscle and nerve function. If you are exercising early morning, you can pair your bananas with Greek yogurt and make a meal out of it to stay energised through your workout session.

2.   Fruit Smoothies

In a hurry? Don’t have time to sit down and eat? Or hate bananas? No problem. Just make a smoothie out of fruits known to be great sources of energy, such as oranges, apples, strawberries, bananas, pineapples, etc. Add some Greek yogurt and granola for texture and added carbs. It not only tastes great, it is easy to make and gulp down in a hurry. In addition, it gives you the needed proteins for muscle repair and recovery following a workout while the carbs fill you with energy for your routine.

3.   Oats

This is good news if you already love an oatmeal breakfast. Oats are a rich source of healthy carbs and studies show that they are good for the heart too. Oats can help control blood pressure, strengthen the heart and give you that extra energy you need to push yourself harder while exercising. You can even make it the night before, using milk, yogurt and any other flavourings you like, and save time in the morning.

4.   Eggs

Eggs are most recommended for those of you who are focused on strength training. And the best way to consume eggs before a workout is to boil them and eat them with some wholegrain toast. What you get is the right mix of proteins and carbs in a healthy way to sustain a great workout session.

Remember, the key to a pre-workout meal is to get the right amounts of proteins and carbs, apart from vitamins and minerals, while not filling yourself so much that you feel too full or heavy.

Let’s also not forget about post-workout foods. Proper hydration, as well as replacing lost nutrients such as electrolytes, protein and carbohydrates, will help restore your muscles and ease post-workout soreness. Get one of our freshly squeezed juices at reception to help you re balance after your class.

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