Owner, Instructor & Teacher.


Svetlana studied Physiotherapy at the University of Montenegro College Of Physiotherapy, and thereafter became a STOTT Pilates instructor. She has covered a variety of courses covering spinal, pelvic and scapular stabilizations, myofascial techniques, pre and post-natal Pilates, IMoveFreely Instructor Certification (Biomechanics) and a mix of mat, reformer, chair and ladder barrel workshops.


Fitness has always been Nicole’s passion with a mission to motivate others to achieve their fitness goals. She is certified by The Pilates Coach Method (Mat & Reformer) and furthered her training through several workshops such as Functional Pilates with ActivMotion (Lesley Bender) Advanced Kettlebell course, PIS Rehab Movement, Advanced Suspension Training Course (TRX), IMoveFreely Instructor Certification and an Intrinsic Biomechanics Workshop with Rachel France


Tia had 15 years’ experience as a client, before deciding to share her passion for Pilates! She is certified by The Pilates Coach Method & Leslie Bender, and furthered her training in Pilates Rehabilitation management of Scoliosis through APPI.  Tia is also a certified iMoveFreely Instructor and has attended an Intrinsic Biomechanics Workshop, with Rachel France


Emily Graduated The Blackpool School of Arts with a First Class Honours Degree in Musical Theatre. After moving to Cyprus she trained alongside Kristen herself to become a Pilates Instructor. Combining her love for both Dance & Fitness. Since then Emily has also become a qualified iMoveFreely instructor and attended an Intrinsic Bio-mechanics workshop. 


Tanny is a midwife and a Pilates instructor, combining her midwifery knowledge with her Pilates teaching to promote wellbeing and fitness in pregnancy and after birth. She is also certified by the Pilates Coach Method and trained with Rachel Rafiefar (Master Pilates Teacher, Mama’s Pilates™)


Mariella started dancing from the tender age of 3 and graduated from the Royal Ballet School of London whereafter she opened her own Ballet School. However, a bad back led her on a mission to strengthen through exercising and stretching, and her passion is to pass the benefits on through her formidable and popular Stretch Class.


Nadine is a qualified dance teacher with an Associate from the International Dance Theatre Association (IDTA). Having completed her Fitness Instructor’s course from Reebok, Advanced Suspension Training Course (TRX), IMoveFreely Instructor Certification with Rachel France, Nadine combines her  unique fitness techniques with a strong workout, which challenges both the body and mind.


Dea began as a Pilates student with Kristen, and wanted to share the  benefits with others. She is certified by The Pilates Coach Method and has followed several workshops and courses on pre and post-natal, healthy back by Bender Method, foundation on lower back pain and scoliosis by Stott Foundation, and Mat Pilates Classes Flow by BASI.


Justyna has 200 hours of teacher training in Hatha yoga in India, 63 hours of anatomy yoga in France, 26 training units of teaching pregnancy yoga in Austria, 95 hours of training for kids yoga in Bali, two days of special yoga training for children with developmental challenges in London, 27 hours of training for kids and families and 85 hours of pregnancy yoga in Dubai, and hypnobirthing training in London. She has also completed workshops and seminars focusing on natural birthing, breastfeeding and women’s wellness.


A Certified Teacher of the International Sivananda Vedanta Centre in India, the Organisation recognized internationally as one of the most important and authentic yoga institutions in the world. Lana also ran her own Yoga Studio in Cyprus before joining Kristen.

 Her Classical Therapeutic Yoga Class vibrates a sense of well-being through her aura, light and love, making it very popular!